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Hats of the Trade.

I’ve realized something in the last few days at work. People in our industry, here in Newport, anywhere for that matter, we are far more than just servers. 

On any given shift we provide the following services: 

Tour Guides, Councilors, Bachelorette Party Coordinators, Fashion advisors, dietitians, Historians, Event planners, dream makers, comedians (sometimes not so funny) (but then again, neither are you), Baby sitters (for children AND adults), and last but not least, personal Photographers. This list is endless. 

You’re welcome. :) image


Owner's taking a cut of tips?? I think NOT.

I was SHOCKED to find out that someone like Mario Batali was skimming off his servers tips! Ive eaten at his places when I lived in LA, they are NOT cheap. Whats wrong w this picture? This is all the more reason why I don’t pool tips, or let anyone else handle my cash-outs.

This article also goes on to discuss tipping out the Kitchen?? Thoughts?? Hey, Pay me $12-$18/hr and maybe we could make that happen, but with my whopping $2.89/hr… No thanks.

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Silently awaiting Summer, Day Drinking


Man, oooohhhh man… Im sitting here literally counting down the days until St. Paddys day which means a debaucherous day of day drinking, parades, shiny beads, fun music, happiness, men in uniform, costumes, and mimosas when you first awake. St. Patrick’s day here in Newport is one of those days when locals meander out of hibernation and rejoice at the fact that the warm weather is right around the corner.

That being said, through I have compiled a list of the best day drinking spots in Newport, RI. Anyone who lives here knows that most of these places shut down for the winter, so this list is really just to get your priorities in order… Its important to have a game plan. Here you go, and you’re welcome.

Here is my link to my Yelp Day Drinking List:

I am an Athlete.


In the last few weeks, on a night packed in with tourists from New York to as far as Germany, I had a very nice couple that sat in a window seat with the low summer sun just starting to  creep into the restaurant.

They went about their dinner munching on Lobsters and Scampi, and the woman quietly asks me this: ” I’m going to ask you a question, and you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to… but are you an athlete?” At first I was a little stunned, then instantly flattered; obviously that must mean the endless hour of Newport drinking and partying till 4am hasn’t hurt my physique?! Right? I asked her what made her think that I was an athlete? She responded that the way I move around the people in the packed restaurant resembled that of a basketball or volleyball player. Well duh. It suddenly all made sense.

Yes. Yes I am an Athlete. I sling lobsters and martinis like it’s no ones business. The plates are heavy, the floor is packed, and my lively hood depends on how fast I can execute each play. If you are in my way, that’s okay. Im 6’ tall and that tray can usually go much higher than your head. I WILL get through the crowd. That being said, if you see a tight space that people, usually staff, are continuously trying to get though… DON’T STAND THERE. Its not rocket science.

Today was my 1st day back to the gym. I just got a sick pair of Nike Air Max (in fluorescent pink). I thought, hey, I have have some new kicks, lets rock this treadmill. Lets get back running. I thought it was going to be hard. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to breath. I thought all the partying was going to have caught up with me, but nope. None of that happened. I got on that treadmill and ran. And it was awesome. Turns out since I started at this certain restaurant, I’ve lost 10lbs. I have a very strong right arm from stacking all your plates that you “try to help me stack” (which btw, you are not always helpful. Let us do the stacking please). And just like other professional athletes, us servers have muscle strains, bad backs, and bad knees. But we do it cause we love it. We do it cause we make good money. We do it so YOU can have a memorable night out.

What did we learn from this?

* Be aware of your surroundings: If you think you may be in the way, you probably are.

* We are good are moving around you, but please help us out a bit.

* When a server comes to clear your table, handing them some plates is always a huge help (thank you in advance). Please don’t stack things up ON us. The balance is usually off 95% of the time, and chances are, you will end up wearing your leftovers.

* We work crazy hard. While some people think we are “just waiting tables” our job requires a ridiculous amount of physical activity. We spend a lot of money on shoes that allow us to continuously wait on you.

* Chiropractors,  massages, and sometimes cortisone shots are regular upkeep for us. Not because it feels good (well, kind off) but because our bodies need it to keep going.

* And last but not least: be nice to us. If the place is slammed, and you see beads of sweat dripping off our foreheads, it’s because we are moving fast because we care about you and your experience.

That’s all for now. See you this labor day weekend!

Hello, my name is Felecia, I’ll be taking care of you this evening.

My name is Felecia. I’ve been a Server slash Bartender for the last 15 years or so. I’ve worked in complete shit hole, hole in the walls, to upscale restaurants and mega yachts from New England, to South Florida, and across to Los Angeles, baby. I’ve also worked as a Hostess, Manager, and Chef. I’ve got all areas covered. I know what I’m doing and I’m damn good at it.

I’ve seen it all. Almost. Not too much surprises me theses days, but then…. out of nowhere. BAM. Something makes me stop and scratch my head a little and wonder, “what the hell am I doing in this industry?!”. The answer is clear. I’m a little ‘off’, as you have to be, to keep doing this job for so many years.The cash money isn’t too bad either.

Ive created this blog to share stories and insights into the food and beverage industry. If I’ve served you and you made my night, you will probably get mentioned. If I’ve served you and you were a complete A-Hole, you too my friend, will be mentioned.

This is for everyone that’s ever worked for $2.89/hr, and for those who have never in their lives ever worked for $2.89/hr. Let’s look at this as a lesson in sociology shall we?


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